The National Landscape – Kolli National Park

The national landscape from Ukko-Koli

I’d wanted to come to see the famous scenery, the national landscape of Finland. And today, I made it!

Koli national park in the lakeland of Finland is one of the most popular national parks among 40 national parks. The view from Ukko-Koli is regarded as the national landscape.

It’s winter and naturally the whole area (or almost the whole country) is covered with snow. I love snow and snowy landscape. So, I was super excited about visiting the famous national park covered with snow. A friend and I flew from Helsinki to Joensuu. There is no public transportation available from Joensuu to Koli (about 120km). So a friend of mine kindly booked a taxi. In the tiny airport, it was easy to find our driver. Of course there was no traffic jam as such from Joensuu to Break Sokos hotel Koli that is located in the Koli national park and we are staying at.

Views from the plane, at the airport and on the way were amazing. As soon as we got off the taxi, I was very very happy to see the landscape which I had seen only in the photos. It’s another winter wonderland 🙂

We tried to see if our room was ready but it wasn’t. We had lunch and went to walk around the hotel. Ukko-Koli where you can see the national landscape was only 300m-walk. We thought it was close enough to walk but it was quit challenging with a lot of slippery snow. And it was windy. Standing on the rock of Ukko-Koli, we felt scary. However, the view was great and it was lovely to walk in the snow covered path with a lot of trees.

On the way to Ukko-Koli

Eventually, our room was ready and we can see the beautiful scenery through the window.  We are hoping to see northern lights later in the evening. I also hope to see a lot of stars in the clear sky.

I waited for them to leave to take a picture of the national landscape